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About Our Services

Our services empower, encourage and transform young lives through resources, workshops and online communities, designed to equip them with the life skills to thrive.

Workshops & Lesson Plans

From engaging lessons on subjects such as peer relationships, consent, social media and self-esteem, to the Life Series programme, a number of resources are available to support students with their social and personal development.

Lesson plans for Key Stage 4 (supporting the PSHE curriculum) can be downloaded via the TES platform here. We also offer bespoke workshops to inspire and equip students with life-skills, created for audiences from college to university students (up to age 23).

The Life Series programme was developed to equip students for life beyond school and lay healthy foundations for adulthood, from topics such as body confidence and managing emotions, to financial literacy and mental health. Although originally created for Girls’ Schools, the programme can be adapted for mixed groups.

Our university packages look at topics related to our mental well-being, personal development, social circles and future prospects. Please get in touch for more information!

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Self-help Workbooks

Released through the Lighter Load publishing house, we offer two self-help workbooks designed for girls and young women.


The ‘Mind’ and ‘Relationships’ books written by our Founder Danielle Ennis, uses a combination of real-life journal entries, story-telling and educational tools to equip and educate the reader on tricky topics such as mental well-being and relationships.

Mind: Topics include anxiety, depression, grieving, self-care, coping mechanisms and positive self-talk.

Relationships: Topics include consent, boundaries, healthy relationships, red flags and personal values.


These books can also be used in multiple ways:

(1) to be used solely by the reader

(2) read together by parent/s and child/youth

(3) used by professionals for one to one or group sessions.

Great reviews have been received from young people, parents, mentors and social workers. Head to the link below to purchase your copy today!

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