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Self-Development & Wellness

About Us

For Women By Women

We educate, equip and empower youth and young adults in the areas of personal development and mental well-being.  Through resources, publications and workshops, we support individuals to seek their potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery.


​Whether you are an ambitious young woman who wishes to be her best self or you have teenage girls in your world who you want to empower along the journey of life, we can help! Think of us as the friends who are always cheering you on, sending encouragement and offering practical help along the way.

From our services to our growing online community, take a look at what we offer. Join us on the journey of wellness and ambition... growing and glowing!


What We Do

Self-help Books for Young Women



Online Community

Downloadable Resources & Tools


The Journey Towards Wellness Begins on the Path of Self Love. Start Your Journey Today.

"Advice we all needed as teenagers, issues still relevant in today's society.
Highlights mental well-being, creates access to life alternating organisations."

-Amazon customer
Book Review

"My favourite part of the session was reading the diary and how she felt as a teen. I think that especially at a Girl’s School this is an amazing lesson and should be done more"

- Year 9 student Mental Health Workshop

"I found the whole concept totally engrossing and think that the Q and A sections make it into so much more than a self-help manual."

- Lady Arabella Unwin
Book Review

Book Now

Start Your Self-Discovery Journey
The Memoir book series combines educational tools with real life stories, equipping you with resources for your own self-development.

The Encouragement Feed
Join our online community @glow.learn.shine! A safe space where we share tips, encouragement and experiences.

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